Briefing Note: Product loss and resource efficiency - challenges and trends of quantifying food loss and waste

Published: 14 Apr 2020
Type: Publication

Understanding the concept of food loss and waste (FLW) is straightforward: FLW is food that is not consumed. However, complexities come into play when trying to quantify, monitor and evaluate progress related to the current state of food loss and waste both within individual companies at different points in the value-chain as well as globally.

This short briefing note has been prepared to clarify the areas of convergence as well as those ongoing uncertainties and challenges. It serves as a first and necessary step to foster better alignment across the value-chain and guide impactful individual and collective action.

好用的飞艇计划软件手机版This briefing note was developed as a part of the Food Loss and Waste Working Group at WBCSD, a whole-of-value chain platform for members of the Global Agribusiness Alliance (GAA) and FReSH projects. 

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